ASL/English Translation

What is ASL/English Translation?

Our team takes English text from any source (textbook, video, print materials, website content, etc.) and produces a full American Sign Language video translation.

Translation services are different from ASL interpreting and require a different skill set, training, and time investment. Following best practices, all translation work contracted through Partners Interpreting is done by Deaf native language users. These Deaf professionals have strong bilingual (ASL/English) skills and are the best language models for this video work. Due diligence is used to identify key terms and concepts and translate in a way your target audience will understand, in their native language. We can also take any ASL video content and translate it into English text.

Who are the clients?

What can be translated?

  • Websites
  • Employee or visitor materials
  • Museum tours
  • Press releases
  • Event announcements and more

Choose options:


  1. Select your options from the list above.
  2. Discuss your project with your account specialist.
  3. Share the source material so a quote can be developed.
  4. Select the desired turnaround time for project completion.

Make your content fully accessible to the Deaf community.
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  • 508-699-1477 (voice); answering service supports non-business hours sending messages to on call staff
  • 508-809-4894 (videophone) for ASL users