Post-Production Captioning

What is Post-Production Captioning?

Post-production services provide text inserted into video and online media. Our services support all types of pre-recorded programming including educational videos, documentaries, and corporate communications. Our service commitment ensures the highest quality and accuracy with quick turn-around times. Post-production captioning is available in approximately 50 different languages.

What: Online media, streaming content, DVD’s and more…

Provide text inserted into DVD’s, video and on-line media including streaming content. Streamed Class (not live) – this would fall into the one of the three services below. Projects may be ordered for single items/projects or bulk production projects. Depending on the number of videos, minutes will determine the file sharing process.

DVD’s: DVDs Post-Production captioning is simply the process of inserting text into existing content on a DVD. DVD captioning and subtitles can be inserted into any video format consisting of 1 – 3 lines of text. Captions can be inserted as a pop-on style of caption or a roll-up style of caption. Subtitles are inserted as a pop-on style of caption.

  • Post-Production Captioning (closed captioning): The process of creating a highly accurate transcript (99%), syncing the transcript with the video (time code), and exporting the captioning file needed for your video player. Captioning can be turned on/off by clicking a closed captioning (cc) button. Subtitles are inserted over the video and have no solid black background.
  • Post-Production Captioning (open captioning): process of creating a highly accurate transcript (99%), syncing the transcript with the video (time code), and embedding the captioned text below the frame of the video. Captions become part of the video and cannot be turned off.

Transcription: Our professional transcribers listen to the audio or video file and create a text transcript at a 99.0% accuracy rate or better. Standard turnaround time for transcription is 48-hours’ notice. Transcripts are delivered electronically in a Word format.

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