The Process


Here is what you can expect when working with Partners Interpreting


The Process

What does it take to secure an interpreter, for a single request?

Contact & Consultation

  • Call, Email, Online Form
  • Service Assessments
  • Request Details
  • Quote / Estimate

Account & Set Up

  • Review Terms & Conditions
  • Sign and return paperwork
  • Account is created

Schedule Coordination

  • Logistics: Date, time, duration, location
  • Context: Nature of the assignment
  • Consumer: Deaf person(s) info
  • Confirmation and update


Services are provided.


PI sends you an invoice or payment.

  1. Contact us (call, email, or submit our online form).
  2. Consult with us to discuss services needed.
    • For some larger institutions (hospitals, college/universities), other high volume or complex needs, we will arrange a meeting with our management team to go more in depth on how to best serve you.
    • We’ll discuss the preliminary information about your request. This is not a formal request, and you are not obligated or confirmed for services at this point.
    • You decide if you want to request a quote or estimate.
  3. Review our Terms & Conditions describing our terms, rates, and policies. This agreement does not require you to use PI, nor is it exclusive.
  4. Sign and return paperwork. We’ll set up your account and online portal access.
  5. Place service request with coordinator. Provide details about:
    • Logistics: Date, time, duration, location, etc.
    • Context: Nature of the assignment, format (appointment, meeting, etc.), agenda.
    • Consumer: Deaf person(s) names, roles, preferred interpreters, language preferences.
  1. Coordinator will confirm services by phone call, email, or update in your online account (depending on the time sensitivity).

    When your request is open/active and not yet confirmed:
    • Your online portal will have the most updated information.
    • Schedules are fluid puzzle pieces. We work with all our interpreters for availability and adjust scheduling to meet needs. Cancellations can also make interpreters available. We continue working until the request is filled or you ask us to stop.
    We keep you posted: If an interpreter is not available, we communicate this with you at least 5 business days before the event to discuss options. Options may include:
    • Checking for schedule flexibility in the same day.
    • Rescheduling to another date.
    • Trying an alternative service such as VRI or CART captioning.
  2. Services are provided.
  3. PI reviews and approves information submitted by the interpreter.
  4. PI sends you an invoice for payment.

Did you know?

Requesting services from multiple entities simultaneously is not advised. This can lead to confusion, double booking, and cancelation fees. PI agreements are not exclusive nor require you to use us.

Not sure which service you need?

It’s always best to ask the individual(s) about their communication preferences as each situation is different.

What’s next?

Contact us for a free consultation with our access specialist to assist identifying and customizing a solution for your organization.

Request a Consultation



  • 508-699-1477 (voice); answering service supports non-business hours sending messages to on call staff
  • 508-809-4894 (videophone) for ASL users