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Interpreter FAQ

We coordinate all types of interpreting requests, both onsite and video work, including medical & mental health, corporate, k-12 classroom, college/university, government state/federal. We have various positions available, including part-time employee positions, flexible hourly positions, and staff interpreter positions.

Both Deaf and hearing state screened or nationally certified interpreters are encouraged to apply.

After reviewing the requested documents, a team member will contact you to arrange an interview and screening. During the interview, we will have the opportunity to learn more about your training and work experience and share information on our procedures/policies. There is also a language assessment with live sample work. Following this screening, a team member will ask you to fill out employee documents to complete the hiring process.

Although hired as an employee (following state labor laws), interpreters are not required to be exclusive to Partners. Interpreters may work with other agencies (state and private) or direct clients providing services. There are no clauses within the hiring paperwork that requires this, including dedicated and staff interpreters who can and often do work outside “PI designated days”. We do not want to place any barriers for consumers to get preferred providers whenever possible.

All PI interpreters agree to the industry-standard professional business practice of no solicitation. When providing service at/on/for PI, the interpreter should not circumvent this relationship by attempting to book directly with the client. By adhering to non-solicitation policy best practices, interpreters demonstrate professional courtesy and recognize the great time, effort, and resources to establish and maintain the PI-client relationship. Clients enjoy 24/7 customer service, access to the scheduling platform, compliance management, and more, which is beyond the scope of an individual interpreter. The language company model helps the overall ecosystem for clients, interpreters, and the Deaf community. Should a customer directly contact a PI interpreter, IF the interpreter had a previous relationship and provided services directly before an introduction to PI, this would not violate the agreement. For further details, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

PI pays competitive hourly rates. We negotiate hourly rates on an individual basis (we do not negotiate rates based on the MCDHH state rubric). We also evaluate qualifications, language skills, current market value, education, and experience during negotiation. All onsite interpreters are paid full round trip travel time. Expenses such as mileage and parking are per client contracts.

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  • 508-699-1477 (voice); answering service supports non-business hours sending messages to on call staff
  • 508-809-4894 (videophone) for ASL users