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Partners Interpreting (PI) is an ASL translation services and captioning company that provides a suite of communication access & Sign Language Services. PI is a quality service provider in interpreting services, real-time captioning (CART/C-Print), post-production captioning, video remote interpreting, and Sign Language/English translations at over 1,000+ organizations and businesses across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Tennessee. Services are delivered to support communication with Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients, students, employees, professionals, guests, families, and individuals.

PI’s developed infrastructure and processes streamline interpreting and captioning coordination and management while reducing administrative tasks and time. Our dedicated team is excited to share their expertise ASL translation services and solutions to support your organization for large and small events, one-time or recurring needs.

Industries we serve:

General services available for: Community, Non-profit, Government, Recreation, etc.
General and special programs for:





Theatre Arts


Service Locations

• On site: Sign Language Interpreters are available across Massachusetts (Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, Lowell, Lynn, New Bedford etc.), Rhode Island (Providence, Cranston, Warwick, Pawtucket etc.), Connecticut (Bridgeport, Stamford, New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury, Norwalk etc.) and Eastern Tennessee (Knoxville and surrounding counties).

• Remote Virtual, and ASL translation services are available to anyone nationwide or abroad.

Why Partners Interpreting?

PI provides end-to-end service: schedule coordination and contract management for all interpreting, captioning, and ASL translation service needs. Our services go above and beyond those offered by the public sector or independent contractors. We are versed in industry best practices. Our bilingual staff is qualified to evaluate the fluency and skill set of the interpreters and captioners who directly communicate with consumers through our Sign Language Services.


Types of services we provide

Sign Language Interpreting
Sign Language Interpreting
The Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing community is culturally and linguistically rich, with American Sign Language (ASL) being the primary language. While ASL is the language primarily used in the United States by the Deaf community, it is not universal.
Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Video interpreting is language interpretation provided remotely via a video conferencing solution. There are two pathways to access video interpreting...

Captioning (CART)
Captioning (CART)
Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART), also known as real-time captioning or live-event captioning — is a way to transcribe the spoken word into readable English text on a screen. CART serves as an essential communication tool.
Phone Interpreting (OPI)
Phone Interpreting (OPI)
Using a standard landline or our free downloadable app, you can connect to over 230+ languages 24/7. Although PI specializes in ASL interpreting, we have leveraged our OPI/VRI platform and partnerships to create a comprehensive language service offering for our clients.
ASL/English Translation
ASL/English Translation
Our team takes English text from any source (textbook, video, print materials, website content, etc.) and produces a full American Sign Language video translation.
Foreign Language Translation
Foreign Language Translation

Partners Interpreting provides comprehensive ASL translation services via our partner company. Organizations can take textbooks, forms, applications, manuals, contract documents, marketing materials, or any other text and have them translated into over 180+ languages as needed.

Training & Education
Training & Education
Partners Interpreting provides trainings for administrators and staff. Our trainings are interactive and provide attendees a safe, comfortable environment to learn, ask and share. They can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the organization’s needs.
Post-production services provide text inserted into video and online media. Our services support all types of pre-recorded programming including educational videos, documentaries, and corporate communications. Our service commitment ensures the highest quality and accuracy with quick turn-around times.

Our scheduling system:

Coordinating interpreters and captioners requires much more than a simple email, phone call, or wall calendar. Within the interpreting industry, numerous software applications are specifically designed to assist with managing ASL translation services.

Partners Interpreting uses a secure, HIPAA compliant, language industry specific, cloud-based scheduling and proprietary management system. This application has a portal that clients can log into to securely create and track requests, view invoices, reports, and more at no additional cost. Our employees utilize the scheduler for assignment information and schedule management. This comprehensive Sign Language Services tool offers a great many benefits. It provides our clients with access to a real-time environment with automated email notifications and administrative tools for tracking, budgeting, and compliance. It even allows Partners Interpreting the ability to manage and coordinate ASL translation services more effectively.


Not sure which service you need? It’s always best to ask the Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual(s) about their communication preferences as each situation is different. We can also help choose the right service.

Contact us for a free consultation with our access specialist to assist you in identifying the best ASL translation services and customizing a solution for your organization.

What to consider

All services are in high demand with a limited pool of qualified providers- ADVANCE notice is key.

Regardless of the service, providing as much information as possible will help us provide the best level of service to you and help our interpreters provide effective communication.

Compliance (Language and the Law)

 In accordance with federal law, places of public accommodation are generally required to provide auxiliary aids to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

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  • 508-699-1477 (voice); answering service supports non-business hours sending messages to on call staff
  • 508-809-4894 (videophone) for ASL users