Why PI (Deaf Consumers)

Partners Interpreting is a private company owned and operated by two nationally certified interpreters, both of whom are CODAs. The interpreters are employees of PI not just contractors. As a full-service company, we take care of scheduling, coordinating, billing, invoicing and payments to the interpreters. This reduces administrative work for customers and also simplifies the process for interpreters. We are a Massachusetts-based company but we serve ALL of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Eastern Tennessee.

New England Landscape

For decades in New England, the state provided services through direct contracts. In 2009 Partners Interpreting introduced a private company model to this area. Many are unfamiliar with the differences and benefits of working with PI. Here is some information about how we operate and the benefits for interpreters, customers, and YOU!


About Partners Interpreting

We have a proven track record of providing successful interpreting services. We have served over 5,000 clients and have completed over 200,000+ assignments. Unlike the state or individual interpreters, PI operates 24 hours a day. Deaf people’s lives don’t stop at 5 p.m., nor do our services.

What motivates us:

PI saw a restrictive, flawed, and outdated system. The old system had shortcomings that directly impacted the Deaf community’s access to services, and this was unacceptable. We set out to change the system for ALL stakeholders: hearing consumers, Deaf consumers, and interpreters. The needs of the Deaf community evolve and change over time. There are new technologies, Deaf professionals are advancing like never before, and there is more awareness of equity, independence, and inclusion in today’s world. As a private company, we make changes quickly to meet these ever-evolving needs. As the interpreting industry grows and changes, so must we. Here are a few differences our private company model brings.


Locally we have some of the best interpreters in the United States! Some interpreters work for both state commissions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and PI. However, some interpreters prefer to work exclusively with PI on either a staff or freelance basis. Since most interpreters work with private companies, that is what they are accustomed to; so often when they relocating to the region, PI is who they contact first. We interview and screen new interpreters quickly so they can be available to the community as soon as possible. PI hires both hearing and Deaf interpreters.

Why PI - The Difference

The state system is a referral service only, they are not involved in any contracts, policies, rates, interpreter human resource management, billing, payments, or customer support. When a request is made, the staff broadcasts the request to the state’s list of interpreters. The state ONLY takes a request and tries to confirm an interpreter, after that they are no longer involved. This leaves everything to the freelance interpreter and the company, business, or organization to manage. For non-state assignments, freelancers set their own rates and terms as they wish.

Service Comparison
Partners Interpreting
Available to coordinate services on evenings, weekends, and holidaysNoYes
Provides an interpreter with less than 2 weeks’ noticeNoYes
Provides interpreters in every setting, including private colleges/universities, theatres,
K-12 classrooms, and medical settings
Is available for emergency medical, recurring requests, and spoken language requestsNoYes
Provides a range of services, beyond ASL interpreters and captioningNoYes
Provides services in multiple statesNoYes
Provides a video platform for interpretingNoYes
Offers a single point of contact for coordinating servicesNoYes
Provides customer and technical supportNoYes
Offers custom interpreting services packagesNoYes
Establishes consistent policies for all clientsNoYes
Offers timely contract and screening processesNoYes
Requires (and tracks) interpreter complianceNoYes
Supervises interpretersNoYes
Provides trainingNoYes
Conducts interpreter background checks in multiple statesNoYes
Provides professional insurance for interpretersNoYes
Collects consumer feedback and uses it to improve servicesNoYes
Provides reports on quality metrics, usage, volume, budget, and moreNoYes

Cost comparison

The state and PI are two utterly different service and cost models. An example would be cooking a meal for yourself versus ordering takeout. Consider a home improvement project where you coordinate and supervise the carpenter, plumber, and electrician, secure permits, or hire a general contractor to manage the project.

If you rely on state services, the only out-of-pocket cost you will incur is the hourly rate of the interpreter. However, your business or organization also incurs the cost of administrative time to coordinate and manage requests. These additional expenses include time invested in phone calls and emails for coordination and the accounting or payment processing area to review, approve, and process payments.

There are no monthly fees or minimums for customers to use our services or technology. Customers pay for service needs as they go.

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  • 508-699-1477 (voice); answering service supports non-business hours sending messages to on call staff
  • 508-809-4894 (videophone) for ASL users