Choose the right service

Choose the right service

A few tips:

Best practices are hiring a professional qualified interpreter or other accommodation service such as captioning (CART).

Do NOT use a family member, friend or internal employee or staff. To have “Effective communication” requires impartiality (no conflicts of interests), vetted language fluency, training in the interpreting process (not just language filuency) and more. “Qualified” ASL Interpreters are professionals trained in language and cultural competency, national certified, guided by a professional code of conduct outlining items such as ethics and confidentiality. Interpreters are there to act as the communication bridge between parties, this also includes Deaf specialists known as CDI’s.

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  • 508-699-1477 (voice); answering service supports non-business hours sending messages to on call staff
  • 508-809-4894 (videophone) for ASL users