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Paul Tracy, CI & CT

Along with my younger brother I was born and raised here in the Bay state. I grew up using American Sign Language in our house to communicate with our dad who is Deaf-Blind. Although originally working in the construction industry I found myself following in the footsteps of my mom in the interpreting field.

After some training and mentoring in the late ninety’s, I began working in the interpreting field, shortly thereafter I obtained my national certifications. I’ve worked throughout Massachusetts primarily as well as surrounding states of New England interpreting in various post-secondary, corporate, VRS, medical/mental health, and conferences events. Before starting co-founding PI, I was also staff interpreter at Northeastern University.Outside of this work my other full time job is being dad to 2 wonderful kids Jacoby and younger sister Elliotte. Home improvement projects, friends, music, good food and playing sports are some favorite pastimes.