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Jen Marsella

Hi! I’m Jennifer (“Jen”) Marsella, PI’s newest schedule coordinator. My goal is to provide efficient and accurate coordination, maintain positive working relationships with our interpreters, and be an informed Deaf/HH ally for the purposes of engaging those not familiar with Deaf/HH culture and the interpreting profession.

I’d been attracted to Deaf culture and ASL since childhood, having been exposed to it occasionally all the way through to my first ASL classes at RIC in 1996. Upon returning to RI in 2010 from AZ to complete that long-ago started degree (RIC, Class of 2009,) I began ASL classes in Pawtucket with the ASL Academy. From there, I became involved on the fringes of the RI Deaf community. In 2015, I started considering a career change to interpreting, and began classes at BCC. A door opened for me to return to school full time, and after reflecting about the direction I could head in, I chose a different path that still allowed me to provide services to the Deaf/HH and differently abled communities. In Spring 2017, I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Deaf Studies and Live Speech-to-Text Support Services. With this, I worked at BCC part-time as a Captionist and note-taker. Summer 2018 saw a temporary assignment at the RI Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing providing Interpreter Referral Services. This has all lead me here to you, and a great opportunity with PI!

“Thank you!” to all those Deaf/HH and allies who’ve educated me and shared their culture and community with me over the years!

Personally, I enjoy lot of “-ing” hobbies:  mentoring, reading, writing, cooking, hiking, having adventures, and spending time with friends and family.