Why use a professional language company and interpreter?

The language and interpreting industry is a specialized profession that requires knowledgeable and experienced professionals to execute communication access properly. Language companies such as Partners Interpreting are versed in the interpretation process, best practices and regulations associated with the field.

ASL Interpreters are professionals trained in language and cultural competency. Interpreters are National certified, guided by a professional code of conduct outlining items such as ethics and confidentiality. Interpreters are there to act as the communication bridge between parties, this also includes Deaf specialists known as CDI’s. It is not advisable to use a ‘signer’ (someone who took a language class) or the family member including a child to act as the ‘interpreter’. Confidential, sensitive information could be compromised. Additionally, the linguistic challenges including varying communication modes and terminology used is best suited for a trained professional for a reliable and accurate message equivalency to be delivered. See our ‘How to Work with Interpreters‘ Guide for more helpful tips.