• Is PI involved in the community?

    PI is very involved in the community (Deaf & Interpreter) locally across New England; organizations and programs that serve the Deaf community, in particular are where we provide support(time, money , resources). Follow our social media pages to see where we'll be next!

  • Why do customers prefer working with PI?

    Here we will share with you perspectives from three different kinds of customers (large event-conference/hospital/college-university) and their needs when trying to deliver services and why PI is their choice. For a full list of features that set us apart see 'Explore Features'...

  • Why do interpreters enjoy working with PI?

    PI interpreters enjoy numerous benefits as employees. Here we outline the Professional and Business advantages they have. For more information see the 'Information for Interpreters' section of our site.

  • Why is the hourly rate different for a freelance interpreter compared to PI?

    This video outlines the factors of coordination and management of interpreting services and the cost impact it has on interpreters and organizations. For more information see  the section 'Why Us'

  • How are interpreters assigned?

    See the scheduling process outlined. Also check out 'My PI Profile' for how you-Deaf consumers, can be involved in the process.

  • Can I hire interpreters for my family event?

    Yes, as long as the requests doesn't conflict with the federal law- you can hire and pay for interpreters for different 'personal/community' type events. See the video on how to 'Request Services'

  • What is the difference between PI and the State Agency CDHH?

    Interpreting services goes beyond the 'interpreter' used. This video explains the differences between the State Agency and our private company. For more information on the differences between the state agency, independent contractors, other agencies and us? See and compare what we offer on the '

  • How will I know who my interpreter is?

    Sometimes we are able to share this information with you depending on the type of assignment and who requested the services. In other cases you will need to contact the hearing person and ask who the interpreter assigned is. This process protects your privacy and confidentiality.

  • How can I share feedback on an interpreter or experience I had with Partners Interpreting?

    We would love to hear from you. This information helps us improve services and provide support to the interpreters in their growth and development. We also love sharing the great experiences you have with the interpreters to know about the job well done. See the video on "My PI...

  • Can you contact the hearing person for me?

    Sometimes Deaf consumers ask us to contact the 'hearing' person to arrange for services. We do our best to advocate for equal access. It is important that you as a consumer, speak up and advocate for your right to have an interpreter. Sometimes the hearing person has questions or is confused on how it works to get an interpreter and why. We are...

  • How can I request an interpreter?

    You can call (VP (508) 809-4894) or email services@partnersinterpreting.com and setup interpreters for your personal event. But if the appointment is required by law to be paid by the hearing person- they must call to request services. Let them know you want an interpreter and they should call Partners Interpreting to set it up.

  • Who pays for services?

    Most situations the hearing person (Dr., boss/company, school etc..) is responsible to pay. Sometimes a Deaf person may choose to pay for services (example: personal/family events, anniversary party or family meeting etc...). It is important to make sure who is responsible and not have the Deaf person pay if the service is required to be...