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  • How much can I expect to be paid?

    Hourly rates are individually negotiated based on criteria including qualifications, language skills, current market value, education and experience. More details regarding travel time, mileage, parking compensation available for applicants based on their state and region.

  • Am I required to be exclusive?

    Part time employees are not required to be exclusive to Partners. Interpreters may work with other agencies or clients providing services.

  • What is the Application/hiring process?

    After a review of the requested documents, a team member will contact you and arrange an interview. During the interview we will have the opportunity to learn more about your training and work experience, share information on our procedures/polices and then there is a language assessment with live sample work done. Following this screening there...

  • What positions are available?

    There are part time employee -flexible hourly positions as well as staff interpreter positions. See our open positions section for the most updated positions available.

  • Who can work with PI?

    Both Deaf and hearing state screened or national certified interpreters are encouraged to apply.

  • Where does PI coordinate work?

    We primarily coordinate across New England, but also have requests nationwide.

  • What types of work is available with Partners?

    We coordinate all types of interpreting requests both on site (face to face) and Video remote work includes but not limited to: medical & mental health, corporate, k-12 classroom, college/university, government state/federal.