• Marcus Springer, MCDHH Screened

  • JoAnna Rowe, NIC

  • Renee Olivier, NIC

  • Tara McAuliffe, CI&CT

  • Rachel Donahue, NIC

  • Elizabeth LaFlamme-Baker, NIC

    Elizabeth graduated from Northeastern University in 2008 and received her Masters Degree from Post University in 2010. She served on the board for the Connecticut Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf from 2009-2015 serving as Member at Large, Corresponding Secretary and Vice President. She has also served as Secretary/Treasurer for the RID Video...

  • Patty Lejeune, CI

    Patty became a staff interpreter for Partners Interpreting in 2015 and enjoys her work in various settings. She graduated from Rochester Institution of Technology R.I.T. with a degree in ASL/English Interpreting and also a degree in Behavioral Science.  After working as a freelance interpreter in the Rochester area for a few years, she relocated...

  • Tracy Stowbridge, NIC Advanced

    Tracy Stowbridge has an Associates in Arts degree in interpreting for the Deaf and a certificate in Deaf studies. She also has NIC-A certification. Tracy has interpreted for over 15 years for K-12, secondary, mental health and medical.

  • Lisa Gentile, NIC, CI & CT

    Lisa has 32+ years of experience and has been interpreting since 1982. After taking several sign language classes at the local YMCA at the age of 18, she fell in love. She loved the language and culture of the Deaf community. Lisa’s YMCA teacher encouraged her to attend Gallaudet University for the summer intensive study program. Upon her return...

  • Patti Medbery, NIC

    Patti was born and raised in RI. Upon graduating high school she traveled across the country and throughout Europe. Patti eventually settled down in Massachusetts and became connected to The Learning Center T.L.C. for Deaf children in Framingham. She began taking ASL classes there and after T.L.C. Patti went to Northern Essex Community College...