Deaf Interpreting Services in New England

Partners  Interpreting (PI)  is a  full-service sign language company that  provides a  suite of  communication access solutions with sign language interpreters and captioning services nationwide, where both on-site and remote   options are available. Headquartered in southern  Massachusetts,  PI  is owned  and operated  by two  national certified  interpreters with a combined experience of over 40 years in the industry. We provide the most trusted deaf interpreting services in New England and beyond.

We support a  variety of  organizations including healthcare,  education,  human services,  government,  and corporations.  Our services  provide people who are  Deaf or  hard-of-hearing and hearing  (non-signing)  persons the language, power, and opportunity to communicate. Access can be provided for meetings, classes, training sessions, special events, and more. Services can be delivered and customized for both individual & large group needs.


Benefits of PI

Language is a key to interaction throughout life, and life never stops, which is why effective communication for you must be available 24 hours a day.

Partners Interpreting celebrates the power of you! Information in your hands helps build who are relationships, make Deaf or decisions and provide independence.

Without a language barrier, opportunities to participate in life open up. In a more connected world, we grow, our relationships strengthen, and our achievements increase.

  • Quality. Professional Certified Hearing & Deaf interpreter services in New England and beyond
  • Personal. Individual profile account + excellent customer service for full attention & support
  • Simple. Easy request process start to finish. No worries – no hassle
  • Advanced Technology. New online scheduling system, remote CART & VRI technology
  • Powerful. Large interpreter network across US + operate 24 hours every day

Experience the
Partners Interpreting
360º advantage


Partners Interpreting

believes in language, power and opportunity. We support empowering individuals to advocate for communication access. ‘Advocacy Cards’ are for the Deaf & Deaf-Blind community to share with hearing people, informing them of federal law requirements for communication.

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