Client Stories

Med-High Volume Service Options:
Staff or Outsource Services

Client Profile:
  • 750+ bed, level 1 trauma acute care hospital within a private (for-profit) healthcare network of 4 hospitals
  • Annually the interpreting services department manages over 3,000 American Sign Language (ASL) requests for the largest hospital in the network across its three (3) main campuses.
Client Challenge:
  • Risk management: Independent contractors and liability insurance
  • Compliance: Vendor compliance tracking
  • Interpreter Availability: Reliable coverage for all sick visits, appointments, procedures, and rounds (both scheduled and emergency) for patients, families, and staff without significant delay or cancellations
  • Finance: Timely, consistent, and accurate billing/invoicing for dozens of interpreters. Interpreter rate variability and budget forecasting
The PI Customized Solution:
  • Unlike many other language providers, all the interpreters whom we secure are our active employees. They are all covered by our full-service agency liability insurance.
  • All PI employees are fully vetted and meet agency requirements, including demonstrated proof of certifications, national background checks, etc. To help instill even greater confidence, PI ensures that every secured interpreter satisfies all hospital requirements, including vaccinations and orientation completion. Complete HR paperwork and profiles are maintained and updated by the agency.
  • PI created two daily interpreter shifts to cover the bulk of business hours volume. Our robust local network backs this customized solution to cover additional overlapping requests.
  • There was a reduction in department cancellations, in-patient stays, and patient no shows.
  • PI services helped to cut the administration coordination time for the interpreter department.
  • Minimal staffing was needed to maintain operations.
  • PI helped implement a consistent rate schedule, streamlined to a single comprehensive weekly invoice protocol, regardless of the number of interpreters used. The two daily shifts as a fixed cost provide the department with a predictable baseline for budgeting purposes.

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  • 508-699-1477 (voice); answering service supports non-business hours sending messages to on call staff
  • 508-809-4894 (videophone) for ASL users