Client Stories

Low-Med Volume Options:
Independent Contractors or Full-Services Agency

Client Profile:

  • Private sector company serving national and international corporate clients**
  • Hard of Hearing employee on the management team.

Client Challenges:

  • Resource selection: Our clients needed support with determining where to secure providers in an unfamiliar profession/industry.
  • Capacity and Support: Their internal infrastructure had no designated department or personnel familiar with or available to oversee communication access requests. Operations vary and, on occasion, require support outside business hours.

The PI Customized Solution:

  • Instead of generic internet searches for individual providers, the company turned to PI for a consultation on access options. PI provided expert consultation and professional advice regarding industry standards and best practices. We assisted our clients with the implementation of effective communication solutions.
  • Without needing to contract or hire any additional staff, PI assigned a project manager to be a company coordinator.

The Results:

  • The services are now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round.
  • Now without disruption, our clients have a cost-effective solution in place.

** The same challenges face small medical offices, healthcare practices, and other organizations with a small number of requests or limited volume.

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  • 508-699-1477 (voice); answering service supports non-business hours sending messages to on call staff
  • 508-809-4894 (videophone) for ASL users