Educational Interpreters in Massachusetts & Other New England States

K-12 Interpreting

Do you have a Deaf/ Hard of Hearing parent or student in your district?  Do you have a staff interpreter in your school and need a sub? Do you need to plan interpreters for this year’s parent teacher meetings, graduation and other events?

We have experienced educational interpreters who work in the classroom setting, parent-teacher meetings, and special events. We’ll work with your staff to cover your school’s sign language interpreting service needs.

Interpreting for Post-Secondary Education

Coordinating interpreting services in post-secondary environments is unique, serving the needs of a diverse student, faculty and staff population on campus can be a challenge.  In addition, trying to accommodate dynamic schedules in the academic environment requires constant attention.  No matter if you have a single one-time request, or require continuous services for an entire semester, we provide a comprehensive educational interpreter service.

Our dynamic scheduling system streamlines the request process for your university and ensure complexities like invoices, billing and reports are captured in a clear and reliable manner. Our interpreters are experienced with the challenges in the post-secondary setting and know the tools and rapport needed in working weekly with students, faculty and staff.

On-line and live classes can be made accessible with face to face educational interpreters or in some cases, video remote interpreting services.

All the support services and opportunities on your campus can be equally accessible to all, ensuring an enriching experience for the campus population and local community.

Communication Access Opportunities Include:

  • Semester classes and labs
  • Advising, tutoring, health and counseling services
  • Activities period, special events and performances
  • Recreational activities and clubs
  • Internships, practicum and study abroad
  • Orientation and tours
  • Graduation and commencements

To find out more about student’s right to a “free and appropriate education”, see or NAD’s memo.

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