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Paul Tracy

Paul Tracy

Co-Founder, CI/CT

Along with my younger brother, I was born and raised here in the Bay state to a hearing mother and a DeafBlind father. I started in the construction industry but soon found myself following in my mother’s footsteps, becoming an interpreter. Since the 1990s, I have worked throughout Massachusetts and surrounding states in post-secondary, corporate, VRS, medical, mental health, and conference settings. Prior to co-founding Partners Interpreting PI, I was a staff interpreter at Northeastern University. I also am the dad to two wonderful kids. Some of my favorite pastimes include home improvement projects, friends, music, food and playing sports.
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Jenn Maloney

Co-Founder, CI/CT, NIC

A New Jersey native, I spent my first four years living on the New Jersey School for the Deaf campus before I moved to Pennsylvania with my Deaf father John, DeafBlind mother Winnie, and hearing sister Jessica. I landed in Rhode Island via the interpreter training program at Northeastern University in Boston. I became nationally certified, and have worked in various settings including conferences, post-secondary, DeafBlind, video relay, and community. In addition to co-founding Partners Interpreting, I serve as the Director of Interpreting! When not working, I enjoy time with my children and my dog Tyra, especially at the beach.

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Tonya DePalma she/her/hers

Director of Client Experience

I first came to Partners Interpreting in 2013 after working in in education, customer service, and corporate training. I love my job; but more importantly, the people I work with — we are like family. I live in Mansfield, Massachusetts with my husband Brian and our two children, who are named after Yankee players (yes, it’s true… we are Yankee fans in Boston!). I enjoy the beach, trying new restaurants, watching sports, listening to live music, reading, and organizing, especially for party planning. My life goal is to someday live near the beach in the south where I am surrounded by family and friends while hosting parties with live music and televised sports playing on my palm tree-covered lanai.
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T.J. DiGrazia

Director of Captioning Services

With over 15 years of experience building and managing captioning companies, I’m thrilled to bring my experience to Partners Interpreting. Having worked with hundreds of clients, consumers, and captioners throughout the world, I am enjoying learning sign language and working with some of the most talented individuals in my career. I have a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from National-Louis University in Chicago. In my spare time, I enjoy working out, coaching baseball, and being the best husband for my wife Pam and the best dad to our three children.
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Phil Endicott

Business Development Specialist

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and am a die-hard Eagles fan. I graduated from Gallaudet University with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a master’s degree in Leisure Service Administration. When I am not working, I love to clang and bang in the weight room to train in the powerlifting method, enjoy food, and catch movies and shows on Netflix. I currently live in Maryland with my wife, Bregitt, our daughter and our three furkids.

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Courtney Marsocci

Business Development Specialist

I grew up in a small town in Rhode Island with my family. During my sophomore year at La Salle Academy in Providence, I was introduced to the Deaf community through a close family friend. I began learning ASL and started at Partners Interpreting in 2018. What started as an internship turned into a scheduler job, followed by my current role. Outside of work and sign language classes, I spend my time with my pets, watering my small jungle, reading true crime books, and watching sunsets at the beach with friends.

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Roxanne Gauvin

Accounting Manager

I grew up in Rhode Island and attended college in Massachusetts where I currently reside. I have a bachelor’s degree in business management with an accounting concentration. My professional experience consists of accounting and management positions with diverse businesses, including government, corporate, non-profit and small business entities. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, gardening, Netflix, spending time with family, friends and my two bulldogs.
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Faith Christensen

Payroll Administrator, FPC

Born and raised in Iowa, I greatly enjoy traveling and have visited 31 states so far. I love meeting new people, hearing new accents, and trying new food. My three children are grown, giving me more time to hike with my rescue dog, read all the books I can, fail at keeping my house plants alive, and enjoy all things chocolate. Prior to coming to Partners Interpreting in 2021, I worked at a credit union and traveled the country training clients and installing payroll systems, along with a fun mix of HR, accounting, management, and processing payrolls. My experience with the deaf community before Partners was limited but I have been warmly welcomed. I appreciate getting to work with this wonderful team every day!

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Katie "KW" Winters she/her/hers

Human Resource Specialist

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, where I obtained degrees in interpreting from Northern Essex Community College and University of New Hampshire-Manchester, yet I never felt like working as an interpreter was the right fit for me. I spent 11 years living in Austin, Texas, where I hit my stride as an interpreter coordinator and eventually the office manager at a busy interpreting agency. I went on to become a program specialist for the Board for Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI). My roots called me back to Massachusetts in 2021, but Austin will always hold a special place in my heart. I am a Bruins fan, hairless cat enthusiast, nature lover/glamping queen, and I enjoy traveling whenever I get the chance.

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Steve Roth

Operations Coordinator

Prior to joining Partners Interpreting in the language industry, I earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Northeastern University and spent several years working in banking and taxation. A desire to be more involved with the Deaf community led to me joining Partners Interpreting. Some pastimes include being at the beach, painting, collecting houseplants and doing the Sunday crosswords.

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Sam Gosson

Client Services and Operations Manager

I grew up in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, where I attended Bloomsburg University for a degree in ASL/English interpreting with a concentration in Deaf education. I interned with Partners Interpreting in Summer 2012, which was an amazing experience. Post-graduation, I was hired as a full-time Interpreter coordinator and Partners Interpreting has been stuck with me ever since. I enjoy fishing, traveling, video games, and beach days with my family.

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Kerin Towne

Senior Client Service Coordinator

I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and spent many years working in the financial industry and at Ocean Spray Cranberries in supply chain coordination. I am the proud parent of three girls, including one Deaf, which is why I decided to begin working with and for the Deaf community. I received an associate degree in Deaf studies from Bristol Community College (BCC) and have a deep desire to continue learning and building on my language skills. When I am not working or shuttling my kids to activities, I enjoy long-distance running, soccer, family hikes with our dog, reading, and Netflix binges.

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Holly Crawford

Key Accounts Manager

After being a stay-at-home mom for many years, I began captioning for Deaf and hard of hearing students within Georgia’s largest University system. This grew to Coordinating services at the University and training and mentoring new Captioners. I started in July 2021 as a Coordinator for Partners Interpreting. I have lived in Atlanta Georgia for almost 30 years, so I will call Atlanta my home. I have family all over the United States and in Toronto, Canada. I have a daughter attending Louisiana State University (Go Tigers!), a son who is a senior in high school, and a 12-year-old Yorkie. I love to travel, scuba dive, watch hockey, spend time with friends, and try to spend as much time at the beach as I can!
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Brenna Rainey she/her/hers

Client Service Coordinator

Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, I grew up with a fascination with sign language and started teaching myself through books and videos in high school. I began my complicated college career in upstate New York in an interpreting program then transferred to Gallaudet University. I graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Deaf studies after having studied for two years virtually during the pandemic. In attendance at my college graduation were my mother, boyfriend, and dog; I never thought my dog would be present at my college graduation. I worked as an ASL substitute teacher at the local public high school before beginning my career with Partners Interpreting in December 2021. Outside of work, I enjoy attending dance classes, spending time with my friends, listening to music and true crime podcasts, and binge-watching the latest true crime shows.
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Logan Marble he/his/him

Client Service Coordinator

As a Georgia native and spending some time in D.C., I am part of the deaf LGBTQIA+ community. I graduated with an associate degree in medical record administration, a bachelor’s degree in international studies, and a master’s degree in public administration. I specalize in sales, customer service, and schedule coordination for university and large VRS companies. I am a Sagittarius/Ophiuchus, multilingual, a world traveler, and a matcha/green tea addict. I love yoga, the gym, playing online video games, and going with friends to try new restaurants. I live in Brunswick, Georgia, with my family and two cats.
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Bobby Kitzmiller

Client Service Coordinator

After being born and raised in Kentucky for the first eight years of my life, my family — my parents and two siblings — and I moved to Tennessee to be closer to my mother’s family. I have remained in Tennessee since then except for a year and a half in Iowa. The majority of my working life has been centered on customer service in one form or another. I got involved in the Deaf community when I started working for Visual Communications Interpreting in December 2017. In 2022, I came to Partners Interpreting when the company purchased Visual Communication Interpreting. I look forward to developing my sign language skills to better assist our clients and fellow employees.

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Rachel Kociper she/they

Client Service Coordinator

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, I have been in the world of ASL interpretation for over 10 years. I earned degrees from Elmhurst University in Communication and lntercultural Studies with a specialization in Disabilities and Deaf Culture. After working in the business world for a few years, I went back to school to earn an American Sign Language Interpretation Career Certificate. During my schooling I volunteered at many organizations and became immersed in the local Deaf communities. I gained Captioning knowledge by working as a Client Service Specialist, Coordinator, and Key Account Manager at captioning agencies managing nationwide top clients from inbound inquiries to successful service delivery. My passion for communication and equal access and opportunity keeps me focused and motivated. I’m very happy to be on the Partners Interpreting team this year to coordinate Captioning services and assist wherever I’m needed. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my two young children, husband, and two doodles. For fun, I love seeing live music concerts and dancing!

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Michele Martinez

Director of Training and Development

I am a graduate of the interpreting program at the National Institute of the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have been a certified interpreter for over 20 years working in Rochester and Buffalo, NY. In 2018, I transitioned to working remotely, expanding to provide services across the United States which brought new challenges and opportunities. Throughout my career I have held many different roles in the field of interpreting. I have worked as a Dedicated Interpreter, Trainer, Manager, Director, Diagnostician, and Instructional Designer in the field of interpreting, as well as other industries. I find working with individually with interpreters through self-assessment and skill development the most rewarding part of the work. I am honored to be currently serving as the Director of Professional Development for Partners Interpreting. Outside of work, I enjoy working out, spending time with my family, and traveling to white sandy beaches.

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Tamilla Erskine she/her/hers

Executive Administrative Support​

Hi I’m Tamilla! I am Deaf and part of the Executive Administrative Support team. I chose PI because I want to provide support to my Deaf community. I’m originally from New York City, and I enjoy traveling, going to the gym, and relaxing at the beach.

Troy Valo he/him/his

Executive Administrative Support​

Hi, I’m Troy! I’m Deaf, and part of the Executive Administrative Support team. I’m originally from rural Kentucky but now reside in New Mexico. I chose PI because I want to be able to provide an all-inclusive interactive learning environment to the Deaf community, and in a sign language-accessible world. I enjoy cruising my 71′ VW Baja bug, snowboarding, and exploring new scenery.

Aurie Crisp she/her/hers

Client Service Coordinator

Hello, I’m Aurie! I am is Hard-of-hearing and one of the Client Service Coordinators. I choose PI because most of my family members are Deaf, and I want to be more involved in the Deaf community. I’m originally from Georgia and I enjoy traveling and all things adventurous.

Cassie McCormick she/her/hers

Client Service Coordinator

Howdy, I’m Cassie! I am is Deaf and one of the Client Service Coordinators. My connection to PI is that I actually have a good friend who works here. I currently reside in Tennessee and enjoy horses, and playing with my wonderful kids, and am very proud of my natural grey-blonde hair!

Amy Garver she/her/hers

Caption Intake Coordinator

Hi there, I’m Amy! I am hearing and a Caption Intake Coordinator. My connection to PI is I am an interpreter but I have also worked in the captioning industry. I am from Oregon and enjoy helping coach my daughter’s sports teams, true crime podcasts, and road trips with my family.

Seung Ki he/him/his

Client Service Coordinator

Greetings, I’m Seung! I am Deaf and I am the Billing Support & Client Service Coordinator. I chose PI because of how easy it is to work with their interpreters. I live in Chicago, Illinois, and enjoy climbing mountains, cooking, horror movies, and the gym.

Karina Mitchell she/her/hers

Community/Public Relations Coordinator

Hi I’m Karina! I am Deaf, a Deaf community advocate and the Community/Public Relations Coordinator. I chose PI because of my experience working as a therapist and recruiter. I am from Colorado and love exploring coffee shops, dancing, hiking, as well as adding to my meaningful tattoos.

Tess Ogden she/her/they/them

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Howdy, I’m Tess! I am Hard-of-hearing and the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. I chose PI due to it’s mission of providing access to Deaf, Hard-of-hearing, and Deafblind individuals. I’m originally from Oklahoma, I enjoy rollerblading and playing guitar/piano. 

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