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Kathryn Frye

I grew up in a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio. In my teen years my family moved to Winterport, Maine which has now become home. After being homeschooled from K-12 along with my six siblings, I attended the University of Southern Maine with a degree in ASL Interpreting in 2011. During my college years I traveled abroad to work in various deaf communities around the world such as Haiti, Peru, Zambia, and France. Each country taught me about their culture, history and language! I’ve worked throughout Maine interpreting conferences, poetry events, community work, Deaf international swimming competitions, outdoor adventure classes, K-12, and college classes. I am working towards becoming a certified interpreter.

One thing I love to do is travel! I have been all over the world on various types of trips, backpacking, family visits, touring, humanitarian aid trips, mission trips and study abroad programs. I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, kayaking, movies, friends, sewing and more crafts. You will often find me either knitting/sewing something or planning a new adventure to embark on with my husband!

Last summer, I interpreted for a 2 month long training program in Boston. This was my first full summer in Boston and I fell in love with the city as well as where I met my husband, Jonathan. We just got married (July 9th, 2016) and look forward to exploring Massachusetts together!