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Elizabeth Nadolski, NIC Master

I was born into the Deaf World as the eldest child of Deaf and Polish immigrant parents. As a result I am tri-lingual and tri-cultural (Polish was my first language, with sign language second, and I did not learn English until I went to kindergarten). I am a proud C.O.D.A. who feels at home among the Deaf community.

Although born in the United States I lived in Poland for four years before moving to New York at the age of five. I spent my formative years growing up on Long Island, attended college and graduate school in New York City, then relocated to New Jersey and worked on Wall Street for a decade. After completing my Interpreter Training Program in Utah I relocated to Massachusetts in 2005.

In addition to holding a NIC Master certification from Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, I have a BA in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology from Marymount Manhattan College. During the past 12 years of being a professional ASL interpreter I have worked in various settings in Utah, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. My work has primarily put me in medical, psychiatric, higher education , agency, business, academic, and government settings. I enjoy the variety in the types of work I perform and the people I meet while doing it. Video relay interpreting was also a job I appreciated and performed for a few years.

Although I love being an interpreter and receive much fulfillment from my work, being a mother is paramount to me. I have single handedly raised my son, Gabriel, since the age of five and am proud of the man he has become. Now that Gabriel is at Clemson University I am glad to have the company of my loyal dog Rafiki. Gardening is a favorite hobby of mine and you will often find me up to my wrists in dirt, manure, and mulch in the spring and tending to my flower and vegetable gardens throughout the summer.