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Anita Benjamin, NAD III, CI & CT

I consider myself a citizen of the world: born in Bucharest, Romania, lived in Israel, Italy and Canada before relocating to the USA.

Over the years I have gained rich life experiences by immersing myself in different cultures and adding a couple of new languages to the four I grew up with.

One of my contributions to the Deaf world is raising two daughters, one Deaf and one hearing, who have proudly embraced the Deaf culture and American Sign Language as their own.

My professional journey started 26 years ago in Canada, where I had the honor and joy to enroll in a 3-year full time Interpreting Training Program in Toronto.
After graduating in 2000, my family and I moved to Connecticut where I joined the American School for the Deaf for 12 wonderful years as staff interpreter.

I joined PI in 2016 and have enjoyed working with this amazing team of professionals ever since.

Some of my favorite pastimes are spending time with my grandchildren, friends, music, cooking and gardening.