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Sign Language Interpreting Agency Features


Service Offerings

American Sign Language Interpreting (on-site)?
Conference coordination?
Emergency on-call services (available)?
Multi language Video Remote Interpreting (pre-scheduled + 24/7 on demand)?
On-site CART?
Remote CART/Captioning/C-Print/Typewell?
Available nationwide?

Power & Capacity

Operational 24/7/365 (including holidays)?
Large nationwide provider pool?
Staff Interpreters?
Guaranteed + long term service packages available?
Industries served (education, healthcare, human services, government, corporate)?
National Certified Providers?

Coordination & Support Services

Advance notice requirements (for requests)?
Automated schedule notifications + ‘live’ status access?
Bi-lingual (English/Sign Language) office staff?
Client customer service??
Conduct client survey (for both Deaf & hearing parties)?
Maintain Deaf client profiles (language usage, provider preferences etc...)?
Online client portal with accounting, compliance, reporting & schedul-ing features?
Execute contract, terms & policies prior to servicesManage?

HR & Compliance

Manage client organizational compliance (forms, protocols etc...)?
Employee model rather than ‘independent contractors?
Professional & General Liability Insurance?
Interview process includes: language & cultural competency screening?
Vet & maintain HR compliance (I9/W4, vaccination, background check, certifications?

Finance & accounting

Provide service quotes, customized invoices & reports??
Manage & process interpreter financials (payroll, taxes etc)?
Client payment options- check, credit card, ACH wire??
yes Maybe No? unknown