CT Professional Development Workshop at American School for the Deaf


Presented by: Stephanie Feyne.


Stephanie Feyne is an interpreter with over 30 years experience. Gallaudet University Press has published her
research on the impact of interpretation on perceptions of Deaf professionals. She is the founder and moderator of the National Interpreter Discussion Group (NIDG). She was one of the instructors for the Interpreting for the Theatre Seminar housed at the Juilliard School in NYC.


Workshop/Course Description:

In this workshop we will explore some of the challenges and approaches to interpreting from ASL into spoken English in general, and specifically when working with Deaf professionals. Areas of focus are the theoretical underpinnings of communication, markers of register, and structures in ASL that are vastly different from those in English (such as reported/constructed dialog, constructed action, repetition, topic transitions, tense continuity, and culturally specific knowledge), and how personal communication style, beliefs and habits contribute to the final interpreted output.


Educational Objectives:
(List specific measurable actions by participants that will demonstrate comprehension and integration of information presented)

Participants will:


  • Identify interactional theories of identity construction that occurs in discourse.
  • Appraise their individual language ideologies regarding ASL, English, and interpretation.
  • Evaluate their own personal communication style and habits and analyze how they contribute to the final interpreted product.
  • Employ strategies and techniques for interpreting when ASL discourse does not mirror the norms of institutional English.
  • Assess the level of professionalism demonstrated by their partners during ASL-to-English interpretations.